Welcome to ASIIS !


ASIIS develops solutions and implements projects for the sustainable development of your business. We combine R&D marketing, industrial design and advertising to create a unique sales support system, expand markets and increase profits. Due to an individual approach, we provide satisfaction of customers’ needs in a critically short time.

OUR BUSINESS is Marketing Solutions&Projects, B2B, B2C, B2C2B.
OUR MISSION is responsibly fulfilling the needs of SME clients through the implementation of marketing tools, innovative technical and information solutions.

We propose to apply the VALUE SYSTEM for the development of your business and increase the competitiveness of products, goods, technologies.
Your and our values are the SAME:
• work for the result;
• responsibility for decision making;
• teamwork;
• promptness, minimum deadlines for the implementation of projects and tasks;
• post-project support;
• confidentiality;
• corporate ethics.


Strategic Marketing
Development of new products
Management of innovations
Promotion of B2B / B2C products and services
Internet Marketing

Development of a visual component of the brand
Functional packaging design
Formation of a single style
Design of POS materials 


Development and support of advertising
Planning media strategy
Contextual and targeted advertising
Creation of all promotional graphic materials


We implement innovative business solutions.
We will show YOU not only existing examples of work done, but also videos about difficult situations and how to solve them, as well as case of the studies of innovative solutions for companies.
Let’s look at some of the complex situations that are possible in each company, and YOU will see, as a tutorial video, how creative solutions of the problem will help YOU.
YOU will see, how our approach to marketing will ensure the development of YOUR business!!!!

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